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WEXlink Instructions

Changing Your Password

1. From the Shipping page, click Your Account to display the Edit Preferences page (see next screen).

Account Tab

2. Click Administration, then click Change User Password.

Change Password Link

3. Type your new password in both fields

4. Click Change Password

Setting Preferences

The first time you log in, you should set up your default settings to make placing orders in the future much faster.

1. Click Your Account, if necessary, to display the Edit Preferences page.

Default Settings

2. Enter your name, direct telephone number (including extension) and your pick up address.

3. At the bottom, put your e-mail address in the Email Notification field and choose when you want to be notified.

E-mail notification settings

4. Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save your information

Important: For the pick up address, if the courier picks up from the mailroom at the Firm, type mailroom in the Contact field of the pick up address instead of your name.


When you log in, you are brought directly to the Shipping page to place an order. However, from the Preferences page, you must click on the Place an Order tab to return to the Shipping page.

Shipping Page

To place a delivery request, follow the steps below.

1. If you use more than one account, please use the drop down menu beside Account to choose the correct account to which the delivery should be billed. If you only use one account, the correct account information should already be in this field.

2. Pick up (Stop 1) - After you have set your default settings, the Pick Up Information fields will automatically default to your address. If the package is picking up from a different location, you can either enter the address manually, or click the Lookup button if it is somewhere you have shipped before. Complete the Stop 2 address fields in the same manner.

If you need to switch the Pick Up information with the Delivery information, you can click on the Switch button to swap the addresses.

3. Shipto Code -- Leave these fields blank as they are not active at this time.

4. The following three fields will usually remain unchecked:

Destination Type

Residence -- please check this box if you are delivering to a private residence, not a business

My Address Only -- clicking this option will save that address to your address book only

Add to Address Book -- we have set up your account to automatically save all of your delivery addresses, so it's not necessary to check this box.

5. Notes - here is where you would give a description of what is being delivered, (1 envelope, 3 Xerox boxes, 1 mailing tub and a 22x30 poster board, etc.). Also, give us any special instructions about either the pick up or delivery locations, such as "ring bell at pick up", or any special delivery instructions such as "leave without signature if no answer".

Note: If you are placing an order for a future pickup, meaning it is not ready now, please indicate the Ready at time in the Notes section as well.

Service Items

Serivce Items

1. You can use the Pieces and Weight fields if you like, but if you put the same information in your description, such as "2 envelopes" or "5 boxes", then it is not necessary to use these fields.

2. If you are package is ready to send, leave the Ready Time and Ready Date defaulted to "Now" and "Today".

If you want to pre-book a delivery for a future time, you may do so by indicating when you want us to pick up the package using the "Ready Time" and "Ready Date" drop down menus. Please make sure to also indicate in the Notes section the "Ready at time" (example: "Ready at 4:00 PM, 2 envelopes").

3. COD - Leave field blank. You have an account with us, and we do not accept COD, so please leave that field blank.

4. Declared value - all deliveries are automatically insured up to $200, if you would like to purchase additional insurance, please indicate the value of the object we are delivering in the field.

5. Vehicle - as long as you give us a good description of what is being delivered, we will send the appropriate vehicle based on your description of the item being delivered. So you can leave it as "Any".

6. Description - you can use this field to describe the item being delivered, such as "one envelope", or "5 large boxes", however if this information is in the NOTES field, then it is not necessary to reiterate it here.

Service Summary

Service Summary

Please choose your package type in order to get the appropriate service type (see Quote & Place an Order below).

Billing Information

1. Payment Type - this will always be "Bill Me", as your firm has an account with us.

2. Reference - this is where you would indicate what your billing reference is for the delivery (i.e., Client Matter number)

E-Mail Notification

Send E-Maili

If you would like an e-mail notification to go to you or someone else, please type the e-mail address and then use the drop down menu to indicate if you want the confirmation after the order is placed, when it has been picked up, or after the package is delivered. You may enter up to three e-mail addresses.

EZ Ship

If you would like to save this order for future use (e.g., if you make this same delivery frequently), click the EZ Ship box and enter a name for the delivery in the field beside it.

EZ Ship

Quote and Place Order

Before you place the order, click on the Quote button to find out what service options are available for the location you are delivering to and to get a price quote.

Order Buttons

1. Click Select beside the service type you would like.

Shipping Select

  • You will be brought back to the order screen with the delivery time and price inserted in the Service Summary section.

*If your delivery is "one way" (meaning you do not need a return trip), simply click the Order button to place your order.

  • The Order Number will appear in the top right corner of the screen.

Order Number

*If your delivery is round trip, you must click the Round Trip button.

  • The following message appears.

Shipping dialog box

4. Click OK

The order screen appears. Notice the system has automatically reversed the pick up and drop locations, and put "Round Trip" in the notes for you.

  • Important: The Order Number of the first leg of the delivery will be at the top of the screen if you need to write it down.
  • Click Order if the information for the return is correct, to submit the return trip.
  • The Order Number of the return trip will be at the top right of the screen.

After your order is complete, you have the following options:

Options Links

5. Print the label (click Label Default or Label Small) and complete the packaging.

Need Assistance?

Please contact us at the emails below:

General Inquiries/Placing Orders

Existing Orders

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